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Calm your Fears

On Demand inside The Surf Lab

Learn simple techniques to calm your nerves so you can push yourself in the surf.


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Calm your Fears

Learn simple techniques to calm your nerves so you can push yourself in the surf.

On Demand inside The Surf Lab


Knowing how to emotionally process a bad experience will give you a foundation to handle your fears in the surf. While this foundation is important, you may continue to feel nervous or fearful before or during a surf session.

In this workshop you’ll learn techniques to balance your nervous system so you can replace fear and nerves with calmness and focus in the lineup.

Join your surf guide Kim Chareonbood, founder of Fearless Surfer Mental Training, Hypnosis & Retreats for this workshop. You'll learn:

  • What the nervous system is and what you can do to influence it

  • The power of your breath including breathing exercises you can use in and out of the water

  • The power of a mental warm-up and how to create your individual one, including a guided mental warm up as an example

  • And so much more!

Your Surf Guide

Certified sports mental trainer, certified hypnotherapist NGH, certified life coach, ISA Surf Instructor Level 1, diploma in Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, own practice for life coaching and hypnotherapy in Zurich for 6 years before starting to coach online, doing my own surf training retreats in Portugal and Indonesia for 3 years.


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