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Competition vs. Cooperation

Live Lesson + Replay

How to deal with crowded breaks and competitive lineups


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Competition vs. Cooperation

How to deal with crowded breaks and competitive lineups

June 1, 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

Live Lesson + Replay


Your attitude and actions in the lineup can determine if you enjoy your session AND have an affect on others around you. Learn how to navigate the politics of the lineup with competition or cooperation so that you can catch more waves, enjoy every session, and walk away feeling mentally healthy even if a negative after a negative encounter.

Join Official Surf Société Mentor, Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock, for this workshop before the next wave hog snakes your wave. You’ll learn:

  • How crowds in the lineup have evolved and changed with history: the Duke era, Gidget era, 70’s, and pandemic

  • How to deal with toxic competition such as bullies, wave hogs, and aggressors while maintaining self respect

  • When to paddle away, when to speak up, and what to say when a confrontation arises in the lineup

  • The difference between competition and cooperation in the lineup and how that can negatively or positively affect your session

  • And So much more!

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World Champion Surfer & Sub-Rosa Surf Visualization Coach


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