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Connect the Dots

Virtual Workshop + Replay

Discovering your surf intuition through connecting mind and body


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Connect the Dots

Discovering your surf intuition through connecting mind and body

March 9, 2023 at 1:00:00 AM

Virtual Workshop + Replay


Strengthen your surf intuition by learning how to develop your mind-body connection, body, and board connection, and board wave connection.

Join The Surf Société community and your Official Surf Société Mentor Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock, for this workshop. You’ll learn:

  • Develop a conscious awareness while surfing so you can work with what the wave gives you and make the most of every ride

  • How to read the lipline and respond intuitively to flow with style and grace

  • How to master the paradox of surfing: being completely aware of your surroundings while being present and in flow, as you’re riding the wave


Your Surf Guide

Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock is a World Champion Surfer, author, musician, and artist. Kim has used surf meditation & visualization to win (and even lose!) numerous competitions. She's now teaching everyday surf ladies how to harness the power of visualization to reach their goals in the surf.


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