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Group Video Analysis: The Take-Off

Virtual Workshop + Replay

Get out your camcorders! Come ready to give and receive!!


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Group Video Analysis: The Take-Off

Get out your camcorders! Come ready to give and receive!!

Virtual Workshop + Replay


This November is Group Video Analysis Month.

We’ll be getting together in a safe space to share and learn from each other. We’ll start off by reviewing videos of the take off and then review member submitted videos.

Together, we’ll dissect form and technique and discuss room for improvement. Kim will even suggest exercises or tips that you can apply in your next session. This is a supportive community and in this event we’ll learn from and teach each other.

Come ready to give and receive!

Submit your video: If you’d like to submit a video to be analyzed at the event you can upload it to this google folder prior to the event:

Be sure to include your name in the video title, you may submit as many videos as you like. This week we are focusing on the take off but you can submit the video to as many of the events as you like. Don't worry about the quality, we'll do our best to work with what you have!

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