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Paddling Strokes

On Demand inside The Surf Lab

How to activate your entire body to give you the most powerful paddle


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Paddling Strokes

How to activate your entire body to give you the most powerful paddle

On Demand inside The Surf Lab


Did you know that your hand positioning could make the difference between catching or missing a wave? Saving or wasting energy? By learning the nuances of different hand positions and different strokes you can increase your paddle power and catch more waves.

Join The Surf Société community, World Champion Surfer and Official Surf Société Mentor Kim “Danger Woman” Hamrock, for this workshop.

You'll learn:

  • How to optimize your stroke for different situations (i.e: paddling out, paddling for a wave or paddling out of the way to safety.)

  • The 3 different hand positions you can use to customize your paddle.

  • How your hand positioning can mean the difference between efficient paddling and wasting energy.

  • How to paddle with your entire body to get the most paddle power with every stroke.


Your Surf Guide

Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock is a World Champion Surfer, author, musician, and artist. Kim has used surf meditation & visualization to win (and even lose!) numerous competitions. She's now teaching everyday surf ladies how to harness the power of visualization to reach their goals in the surf.


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