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Pre-Paddle Mindset

Live Lesson + Replay

How to choose a productive surf mindset for any conditions


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Pre-Paddle Mindset

How to choose a productive surf mindset for any conditions

May 11, 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

Live Lesson + Replay


If you’re not paddling out with an intentional mindset it could throw you off your surf game. By creating a pre-paddle mindset ritual you’ll have the ability to enhance your surfing experience, set realistic expectations, and have less frustration over your surf session.

Stay motivated and productive from session to session by learning how to choose your pre-paddle mindset. Join us for this workshop w/ World Champion Surfer and Official Surf Société mentor Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to choose a mindset that is a match for the conditions and crowd so that you can have the most productive surf session possible.

  • How to readjust your mindset mid session when necessary

  • Different mindsets for different lineups - what's your mindset for when it’s crowded vs. when it’s empty?

  • Learn about the pre-paddle mindsets: social, competitive, sharing, flexible, progressive, & maximize

  • How to develop a resilient mindset and be more forgiving with yourself no matter the conditions or the crowd. 

  • And so much more!

Your Surf Guide

World Champion Surfer & Sub-Rosa Surf Visualization Coach


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