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The Execution of the Noseride: Hang 5/Hang 10

Live Lesson + Replay

How Quick, How Slow, and When to Go to the Nose


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Live Stream Lesson

The Execution of the Noseride: Hang 5/Hang 10

How Quick, How Slow, and When to Go to the Nose

August 2, 2023 at 4:00:00 PM

Live Lesson + Replay


If you can Hang 5, you can Hang 10! Now that you know how to cross-step it’s time to get those little piggies over the edge. Join Our official Surf Société Mentor Kim ‘Danger Woman’ Hamrock in this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The differences in technique and timing of getting on the nose, staying on the nose, and getting off the nose

  • The Last Step: How to transition your body positioning from cross-stepping to hanging 5 and hanging 10

  • How to backpedal from the noseride and land your feet in the proper position so that you’re ready for the next maneuver

  • What's currently killing your nose-ride game and how to fix it: Stomping, looking down, body positioning, etc

  • How to eliminate the fear of taking the last steps to the nose so you can finally perform that quintessential noseride.

  • Overview of bonus techniques for the avid nose rider such as the hang heels, foot drag, kick, and the nose-ride take-off.

  • And So Much More!

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World Champion Surfer & Sub-Rosa Surf Visualization Coach


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