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The Set-Up

On Demand inside The Surf Lab

How to Read Paddle Into, and Choose the Proper Positioning for Your Wave


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The Set-Up

How to Read Paddle Into, and Choose the Proper Positioning for Your Wave

On Demand inside The Surf Lab


Are you tired of missing waves, pearling, or do you feel like you can never find yourself in that perfect position?

In this workshop, you'll learn the nuances of reading waves and the water around you. You'll also learn about how you can make minor adjustments and corrections to place yourself in the PRIMO position to catch any wave.

Join your surf guide Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock, World Champion surfer, Sub-Rosa Visualization and Meditation Surf coach, and author of the book My Grandma Surfs Better Than You, for this workshop.

What you'll learn & do:

  • Tips for reading waves from varying viewpoints before you enter the water so you can have the most productive surf sessionpossible

  • The nuances of paddle technique and reading the water around you to find prime positioning for the wave you want to catch

  • The importance of minor weight adjustments in paddling, why you may be missing waves or pearling, and what you can do to catch more waves.

  • How paddling with efficiency will set you up for The Take-Off (workshop 2) so you can go down the line, nose ride, or tube-ride

  • Kim will also take us on a Sub-Rosa Visualization and Meditation practicing techniques of The Set-Up.


Your Surf Guide

Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock is a World Champion Surfer, author, musician, and artist. Kim has used surf meditation & visualization to win (and even lose!) numerous competitions. She's now teaching everyday surf ladies how to harness the power of visualization to reach their goals in the surf.


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