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Top Turns & Off-the-Lip

Virtual Workshop + Replay

Pack More Turns into Every Wave with Vertical Maneuvers


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Top Turns & Off-the-Lip

Pack More Turns into Every Wave with Vertical Maneuvers

Virtual Workshop + Replay


Now that you know about the S-Turn and the all-important Bottom Turn, it’s time to add the Top Turn and the Off-the-Lip to your bag of tricks.

If you’re ready to make each maneuver more fun by using power, speed, and rotation join The Surf Société community and Official Surf Société Mentor, Kim ‘Danger Woman’ Hamrock, for this workshop.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to perform the top turn by weighting and unweighting your board while timing the pivot

  • How the top turn is a vertical progression of the S-Turn and the Off-the-lip is an even more vertical progression performed in the critical part of the wave

  • How to use your entire body to execute your maneuvers: Arms to generate lift, knees to get more projection out of your turn, waist and hips to pivot, and head and shoulders to direct where you want to go


What you’ll do:

Your Surf Guide

Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock is a World Champion Surfer, author, musician, and artist. Kim has used surf meditation & visualization to win (and even lose!) numerous competitions. She's now teaching everyday surf ladies how to harness the power of visualization to reach their goals in the surf.


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