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Official Surf Société Mentor

Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock

World Champion Surfer & Sub-Rosa Surf Visualization Coach

Meet Kim ‘Danger Woman’ Hamrock. Our official mentor at The Surf Société.

Kim brings over 50 years of surfing and coaching experience. This badass Grandma is a world champion surfer, master surf instructor, and author of “My Grandma Surfs Better Than You: A Woman’s Guide to Catching More Waves.”

As a member of The Surf Société, you’ll have a chance to learn from this legend. Kim’s ability to pass on what she’s learned from 50 years of surf is something special. She’s not just a badass athlete but a brilliant teacher.

In our specialty workshops, she dives deep into the nuances of surfing. Her ability to articulate the details will leave you with epiphanies, stoked to try out your arsenal of tips and tricks in your next session.

Kim also brings her a connection to surf history, her experience surfing since the 70s has connected her to some of the most influential women in the sport. We’re so honored when she brings living legends to The Surf Société to share their pearls of wisdom with us.

If you’re ready to step up your surf game, you must learn from the best and we consider our icon, legend, and moment, Kim Hamrock the best there is!


World Champion Surfer, 12 USA Surfing titles, an inductee in the Surfing Walk of Fame, a Pipeline Champion to name a few of numerous titles. Master Surf Instructor and the director of the West Coast for the National Surf School and Instructors Association as well as one of the founders and contributing writers.

An accomplished artist and songwriter. Produced instructional DVD "Safe Surfing with Danger Woman' along with being featured in other DVDs for surfing. Featured in numerous T.V., Radio, Magazine, and Newspaper articles including Sports Illustrated. Worked as a consultant and contributing writer for a full-featured movie titled "Surfador" written by Carlos Davis (Drop Dead Fred).

Fit mother of three and grandmother of two.

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Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock
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