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Grow past your plateau, become a better surfer, & have more fun in every session.

Access industry experts, curated workshops, and a community of women stoked to support your growth in the lineup.

Join our unique digital community to gain the 
knowledge, skill, and confidence
 to become a better surfer.

Welcome Video & Tour

So you wanna get better at surfing?

BUT you can't afford expensive coaching OR costly surf retreats, AND quitting your job to become a full-time van-life surf bum is 

(at least not yet! #goals)

What if I told you there was a NEW way to graduate your surf skills, gain the knowledge and confidence to paddle for and catch more waves so that you can

 Have MORE FUN in each of your surf sessions?

What if I told you it wouldn't have to be a solo journey and instead you can have the support of a like-minded community of women to cheer you on, every step of the way?

IMG_0645 (1)_edited.jpg

If you're committed to becoming a better surfer and love the sisterhood of a community, you are exactly who we are looking for.

You're invited to join our unique digital women's surfing community.

Introducing The Surf Société

An online women's surf community dedicated to empowering women in the lineup through progressing our surf skills, building confidence, and pushing ourselves in challenging surf conditions.

Join us in virtual events with monthly themes, expert-led discussions, and community challenges all designed to help you graduate your surf skills while having the camaraderie of a community to cheer you on!

Do you suffer from INSTAGRAM wave FOMO?

You watch IG reels and see surfers effortlessly riding perfect waves. You know that if you could surf perfect waves you would be just as good.

You're motivated to improve.  You know surfing would be so much more fun if you could walk to the nose or release a little spray off that top turn.

So you've taken it upon yourself to step up your game:

  • You piece together tips from blog posts and YouTube BUT you have no direction on implementing what you've read or seen.

  • You surf as often as you can but varying conditions make it hard to get consistent practice and makes any progress feel inconsistent.

  • You've paid up to $200/hr for one-on-one coaching but you didn't make any progress and you didn't feel like it was worth the money.

  • You're motivated to get better but you have no system for practicing and no one to hold you accountable for your goals so you never progress.

  • You hold back on surfing bigger conditions or competitive lineups because you feel fear and anxiety but you know you're missing out on improving because you aren't pushing yourself.

You do all this but NONE of it is actually taking you to that next level of surfing.
You've plateaued, you're frustrated, and you feel slightly embarrassed that your surf skills haven't improved in years.

Our Story

Hey Lady, I'm Laura Day.
Host of Confessions of a Surf Lady,
The First Women's Surfing Podcast™.

I know this feeling because this is exactly where I am!


I've been surfing for almost 10 years and I am proficient in all the basics. I love paddling out and I am grateful for the time I get to spend in the water...

BUT I know there is so much more to surfing that I haven't been able to UNLOCK yet.

TSS_Email_TemplateSurf SOciete 1.jpg

So I created The Surf Société. A place where like-minded women can come together to improve our surf skills with the support of a community and the knowledge of Industry Experts.

Having had the honor of hosting The First Women's Surfing Podcast™ I've directly experienced the power of community.

I'm stoked to bring the community into a new platform where we can learn together and support each other through the process.

Why go it alone when we can learn together?

Grow past your plateau, become a better surfer, & have more fun in every session.

Become a Member at The Surf Société TODAY

IMAGINE if you:

  • Felt empowered to establish your place in intimidating lineups because you understood the ins and outs of surf etiquette and had a sisterhood to support you when aggressions arose in the lineup.

  • Developed the mental toughness to surf new locations and challenging surf conditions so you could surf more often, catch more waves, and have even more fun in EVERY surf session.

  • Had the knowledge and physical skill to catch and ride more waves so you could practice maneuvers like cross-stepping, noseriding, trimming & carving, and ultimately become a better surfer on the wave.

  • Had a sisterhood of friendships with women all around the world who support your growth and provide excellent company on international surf trips!

  • Felt that you could leave a positive impression on your local lineup because you yourself are empowered by your acquired knowledge, increased surf skill, and respect for surf culture & sisterhood.

Finally, you can grow past your plateau and acquire the knowledge and skills to become a better surfer.


Here's how we do it:

Surfsociete_icon_Monthly Themes_3x.png

Quarterly Themes

Learn more than a blog post of knowledge in each of our themes. We'll dive deep into new topics every quarter.


The Surf Lab

Get instant access to our growing library of on-demand workshops and resources inside The Surf Lab so you can learn anytime.

Surfsociete_icon_Surf Guides_3x.png

Surf Guides

We partner with Industry Experts who share their specialty knowledge with us so we can become better surfers.


Surfsociete_icon_Replays and accountabiity_3x.png

Challenges &

Participate in self-paced or community challenges or find an accountability buddy to stay motivated so you can achieve your goals in the surf!


Live Expert-Led Workshops 

Our Surf Guides do what they do best in their zone of genius! Attend weekly workshops and Q+As tied to our monthly theme.

Surfsociete_icon_Community Platform_3x.png

Community Platform

Connect with and get support from surf ladies all over the world! Our unique platform is off of social media. No distractions or ads - this is a place all our own!

Learn on your schedule

Every lesson is recorded and stored inside The Surf Lab,
our growing library of on-demand workshops and resources, so you can participate on your own time.

Watch replays and use the forum to catch up with other members whenever you like!

2024 Quarterly Themes

Want a sneak peek?

We host workshops, share resources, and invite guest speakers and coaches to support our quarterly themes.

Our themes will help you build goal-reaching rituals and give you access to knowledge so that you can make the most of every surf session and become a better surfer.

L3 Hang5 Hang 10.jpg


Cultivating Confidence

Learn how to use mindset and ocean knowledge to cultivate your confidence and reach your 2024 surf goals.

Copy of pexels-jess-loiterton-5232490.jpg


Learn about how your surf craft can define your surf style. Get introduced to new shapes and the fundamentals of shaping.



Finding Flow

Channel your favorite surfy inspirations and develop your own personal surf style.

*Quarterly Themes are subject to change or rescheduling throughout the year.

This diagram is meant as an example of the material we will cover.

More workshops we'll explore this year:

  • Safety, Wipeouts, & Rescue

  • Visualization to achieve your surf goals

  • Breathwork for wipeout confidence

  • Group Video Analysis

  • Health & Self-Care: Hair, Skin, & Health as a Surfer


Monthly Themes

Never miss a thing!


Every event at The Surf Société is recorded so that you can participate on your own time.


Learn from replays and use the community forum to catch up with other members whenever you like!

Meet your Host:


Laura Day

Host at The Surf Société

As the host of The First Women's Surfing Podcast, Laura has witnessed the magic of community. Laura brings you Industry Experts and a community of like-minded women to learn with.

Meet Your Surf Guides

Learn from Industry Experts in curated workshops so you can
gain the 
knowledge, skills, and confidence 
to become a better surfer


Leah Donatiello

Surf Guide: Nutrition

Founder of the Her Surf Nutrition Method


Nick Peterson

Surf Guide: Forecasting

Founder of the The Lazy Surfer Forecasting App


Manny Vargas

Surf Tour Guide

Founder and Tour Guide at Epic Surf Tours

Surfsociete_icon_surf guides icon.png

Surf Guides from around the world

Meet our growing community

We partner with Industry experts to bring you their specialty knowledge

The Surf Lab

Learn inside The Surf Lab

Attend real-time events or dive into our growing library of resources at The Surf Lab. Access workshops 24/7 when you become a member.

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside:


Nurture your inner confidence & build a solid foundation for setting your goals in The Surf Société

3 Workshops

Ashley Neelands _ Headshot_edited.jpg
Ashley Neelands _ Headshot_edited.jpg

Surf Guide:

Laura Day


Learn the foundation for optimal recovery, physical maintenance and happy hormones

3 Workshops

Ashley Neelands _ Headshot_edited.jpg
Ashley Neelands _ Headshot_edited.jpg

Surf Guide:

Alexis Piarulli


Tune in to uncut podcast episodes and bonuses.

Member Bonus

Ashley Neelands _ Headshot_edited.jpg
Ashley Neelands _ Headshot_edited.jpg

Surf Guide:

Laura Day


Get instant access to these workshops and MORE when you become a member

Over the past 2 years building community, fostering camaraderie, and empowering Surf Ladies all over the world.


Here's what the community has to say:

website_Mara Review.png
website_Trish Review.png


Are you ready to graduate your surf skills with the support of a sisterhood of like-minded women?

 Here's what you get when you join The Surf Société: 

  • The skills and confidence to paddle for, catch, and ride more waves so you can have more fun with every surf session.

  • Knowledge on how to utilize your time on land to improve your surf skills so that you can perform more maneuvers on the wave.

  • The support of a sisterhood of women who are striving to accomplish the same goals.

  • The resources, recommendations, and advice of industry experts that approach surfing as a lifestyle and show you how to become a better surfer, in and out of the water.

  • An intentional surf ritual that helps you improve your skills and track your progress so you can celebrate the lifelong journey of surfing.

This all comes as a part of having access to:
  • Expert-Led Workshops and Live Q+As so that you can get the information and advice you need to improve your surf skills.

  • Community Challenges that will push you to surf outside your comfort zone so you can continue to elevate your surf skills.

  • Ritual Building & Goal Setting Worksheets to keep you motivated and on track to achieving your goals in the surf.

  • Curated Community Events designed to foster sisterhood and encourage high-quality conversations about women's surfing.

  • Intentionally Crafted Content centered around monthly themes designed to support you through your surfing journey.

  • Quality Conversations and Searchable Forums that explore the nuances of surfing and topics you care about.

  • Instant access to The Surf Lab - A Growing Library of Workshops and Webinars all designed to give you the information and support you need to become a better surfer.

Become a member at
The Surf Société

Start improving your surf skills with the help of industry experts and a community of women to cheer you on. JOIN TODAY!




per month

Cancel anytime/ rate locked-in

90-day money-back guarantee


Access to The Surf Société:

  • Virtual Events

  • Surf Skill Workshops

  • Live Q+As with industry experts

  • Access to The Surf Lab w/ over 30+ hours of on-demand content

  • Exclusive Surf Lady Content

  • Community Platform & Mobile App

  • A sisterhood of women to cheer you on as you pursue your goals in the surf!




per year

20% savings at $28/mo

cancel anytime/ rate locked-In

90-day money-back guarantee

Access to The Surf Société:

  • Virtual Events

  • Surf Skill Workshops

  • Live Q+As with industry experts

  • Access to The Surf Lab w/ over 30+ hours of on-demand content

  • Exclusive Surf Lady Content

  • Community Platform & Mobile App

  • A sisterhood of women to cheer you on as you pursue your goals in the surf!


What is your membership at
The Surf Société actually worth?

Every month at The Surf Société we host up to 4 Expert-Led Workshops and meetings with industry experts like surf coaches, community leaders, and professionals that specialize in different areas of surfing.

The cost of 1 hour of their time and expertise ranges from $100 - $250.

Just one MONTH of access to our surf guides, coaches, and mentors at The Surf Société is worth up to $1000

(Not including the access to The Surf Lab our growing library of recorded content and bonuses or the discounts and promos shared by our Surf Guides)

For the cost of two intermediate surf lessons,

you can join the sisterhood of The Surf Société for an entire year.


That's 365 days of access to industry experts, curated workshops, and a community platform designed for you to learn more, surf better, and live happy!

You are 100% safe

to try this out.

Join The Surf Société for 90 DAYS and see if this community is right for you! If it is you'll be STOKED - and I think that's EXACTLY what's going to happen.

If for some reason you're not 100% stoked on improving your surf skills with the help of industry experts and a supportive community of like-minded women, just let me know and you'll get all your money back.


Alright, Lady... It's Decision Time!

IMAGINE what surfing will feel like
just ONE year from now...


Will you still be hitting your home break and ONLY surfing within your comfort zone? Will you still be missing out on bigger waves and better conditions and giving up your priority to other surfers because you lack the confidence to go for waves that are rightfully yours?


Will you confidently claim your space in the lineup, paddling for more waves, and surfing a variety of conditions? Will you have more fun with every session because you have the knowledge, developed the techniques, and have the support of a global women's surf community?

What will you choose?

I hope you'll join us to...

Learn More. Surf Better. Live Happy!
at The Surf Société

See you on the inside!

<3 Your Host, Laura Day

  • How is The Surf Société different from other social media platforms?
    UNLIKE Facebook groups or Instagram accounts The Surf Société is hosted on its own platform, specifically set up to help us achieve our goals. Our platform is free of ads and distractions so we can FOCUS on what we love the most: SURFING!
  • Will I really get better at surfing?
    Yes! This community is designed to do just that. We believe that surfing is not just about your time on the wave but it's about living a lifestyle. The Surf Société takes the opportunity to educate you on land so you can take full advantage of every surf session.
  • Can I join if I don't live close to the ocean or don't get to surf that often?
    Absolutely! Being part of The Surf Société is a great way to progress your knowledge while you're landlocked, recovering from injury, or just taking a break from surfing. Everything we do will give you the tools to make the most of the time you get to spend in the water.
  • I don't have a lot of extra time. Will I still benefit from joining?
    Yes, you will! You can use The Surf Société just like any other social media platform (but better!). Access any of the workshops, events, and community forums on your own time. This platform is designed to be accessible to you and your availability.
  • I've never surfed before but I want to learn OR I'm a fresh beginner. Is this community right for me?
    As of right now, the 2022 program is focused on exploring the nuances of surfing. Being comfortable catching waves and riding down the line will ensure you get the most out of this community. If you're still working towards the basics, we encourage you to focus your time there before signing up OR check back with us when we're able to offer a program designed for beginners.
  • I'm a beyond beginner or intermediate surfer, is this community right for me?"
    YES!!! This program was made for you. Our monthly themes and conversations are designed and curated to bring the most benefit to surfers in this skill level.
  • Is The Surf Société available internationally?
    You can be ANYWHERE in the world to be part of The Surf Société! We encourage women from all over the world to be part of this new kind of digital community.
  • What is The Surf Lab?
    The Surf Lab is our growing library of resources that our members can access 24/7. Inside The Surf Lab you'll find things that you can learn, do, and experiment with in your next surf session! Resources come in the form of workshops, short guides, challenges, or downloadables. Our Surf Société Mentor, Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock, has learned so much through experimentation and encourages all our members to try new tips and techniques in the surf to find what works for you...hence, The Surf Lab!
  • What payment plans are available?
    There is a monthly memership, meaning members pay monthly. There is also an annual membership that offers a discount.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel at anytime through The Surf Société platform.
  • How does the 90-day money back guarantee work?
    If for some reason you join The Surf Société, participated in the events, watched replays, engaged in the content and the community and you're not 100% stoked on improving your surf skills with the help of guest experts and a supportive community of like-minded women, we would like to offer you a 90-day money back guarantee. In order to take advantage of this policy, you must contact us via email within 95 days of first signing up at The Surf Société. So, you have 5 days after your third billing cycle to let us know you want to cancel with this offer. This time includes any free trials. Just show us that you've done your best to be part of the community and take advantage of the resources in The Surf Société throughout that time by showing up to events, watching replays, and participating in the feed, and let us know you'd like to take advantage of the 90-day money back guarantee. Send requests to
  • How does the billing work?
    If you sign up with the monthly membership, your first payment will be billed when you sign up. From there, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled. If you chose the yearly membership, you will make a one time payment for that year and then billed annually on the same date.
  • What if I have more questions?
    We'd love to hear from you and help in any way we can. Please email or head to the contact section to get in touch.
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