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Learn More. Surf Better. Live Happy. at The Surf Société

Our Big Purpose

The Surf Société   brings together diverse women surfers to elevate our skills, celebrate sisterhood, and cultivate culture through thoughtful conversation, valuable stories, expert-led discussions, community events  & curated content.

So that we can:

  • Become empowered to establish our place in intimidating lineups​.

  • Develop the mental toughness to surf challenging conditions.

  • Acquire the knowledge and physical skill to catch and ride more waves.

  • Build a sisterhood of lifelong friendships to surf, travel, and enjoy the surf lifestyle with.

  • Live healthy lifestyles that allow us to surf until we die.

  • Leave a positive lasting impression on our local lineups that inspires a diverse and equitable space for all who love the ocean.


The Full Story

Hey there! I'm your host, Laura Day. Thanks so much for visiting The Surf Société.

Here's the short version of the full story:

In 2016

I launched a surf wear line called iaera surf. Feeling frustrated with the representation of women's surfing and the lack of available styles for the everyday surf lady, it was my philosophy that if we could create garments that fit and functioned for the everyday surf lady, then we could highlight the uncelebrated diversity of women in surf and beach culture.

In 2019

we started The First Women's Surfing Podcast™ called Confessions of a Surf Lady. This medium allowed us to extend the conversation beyond the garments we carried into space that could better represent the every day female surfer.

On the show we feature anonymous confessions from surf ladies all over the world. We ask critical questions like "How do you feel about the way women are represented in the surf industry?" to fun ones like "What's your favorite post-surf meal?" and "Do you pee in your wetsuit?" With this new avenue (conversation) a beautiful community began to form. Confessions of a Surf Lady was more than a podcast to promote a surf wear line.

In 2020

with the struggles of running a product line, I decided to shift my attention. I partnered with a good friend Clarissa Kusel, founder of The Ocean Is Female and Sea Blue Collective. We brought together our communities in an 8 week virtual surf retreat called "The Daydream Surf Club."

It was our goal to gather surf ladies from around the world in a space where we could connect over surfing while distracting ourselves from the year of 2020.

Little did I know, Daydream Surf Club would be the predecessor to The Surf Société: a place where women surfers could get together in a supportive environment in virtual meet-ups and curated workshops.

In 2021, 

following the challenge of running a product line during a pandemic, I realized that while clothing was one avenue to highlight the authentic story of female surfers,

community was a more powerful one.

So, in Nov 2021

The Surf Société was born. An online platform where women could come together to empower one another in the lineup by acquiring knowledge, cultivating a global women's surf culture, & celebrating a diverse sisterhood.

Thank you so much for your love and support throughout our entire journey!

We're just getting started...

xo, Laura Day

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