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Surf Mobility and Recovery

On Demand inside The Surf Lab

The Key to Shredding More Waves and to Keep You Surfing for Years to Come


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Surf Mobility and Recovery

The Key to Shredding More Waves and to Keep You Surfing for Years to Come

On Demand inside The Surf Lab


No swell or crappy conditions on the forecast or cam? Take the opportunity to utilize land training because you can still work toward your surf goals, even with dry hair!

Learn what land exercises will help you become a better surfer and why cookie-cutter workouts may be holding you back from improving.

Join your surf guide, Alexis Piarulli, founder of Fearless Movement Coaching, in this workshop. You’ll learn:

  • How to utilize land training so that you can reduce injury, recover from injury, and have a long and happy surf life

  • What movements you can practice to keep you in the water and feeling strong so you can chase your surf goals and have more fun

  • Learn the difference between mobility, stability, and strength, how to incorporate them into your land training and how they each play a role in your surfing

  • Participate in a live interactive walkthrough of movements to help you recover and get your body ready to perform in your next surf session


Your Surf Guide

My name is Alexis and I have studied hundreds of hours and completed various certifications in Human Movement and Biomechanics, Gait Analysis, Whole Foods/Plant Based Nutrition, and I am on track to complete my doctorate in Chiropractic in December 2022. My passion for surfing began while I was in high-school, and since I have been obsessed of getting in the water any chance I get. I believe everyone should be able to move well and feel their best, so they can keep doing what they love. I’ve overcome injuries and hormone struggles through movement, lifestyle, and diet changes, and I committed to helping coach others thrive and feel their best!


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