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72 years young and charging! Member Feature: Marjie C.

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

At the age of 68, Surf Société Member Marjie C. was visiting Venice Beach and responded to a promo for a 2-hour surf lesson. Little did she know she was about to experience stoke unlike ever before!

It's been 4 years since Marjie unexpectedly fell in love with surfing and we're beyond honored to be part of her surf journey. Here is her surf story.


Surf Société Member Marjie C.

Age: 72

Location: Oakland, California

Home break: Pacifica


Tell us about your surfing journey!

When I was down in Venice Beach about four years ago, I responded to a promotional offer for a two-hour surf lesson. Despite spending the entire two-hour lesson losing my balance and tumbling off the board, I came away with an ecstatic feeling of embodied stoke, unlike anything I had ever experienced. And from within the glow of my total kookiness, I said to myself, “I’m gonna learn how to surf.”

What makes you so passionate about surfing?

The embodied challenge of overcoming obstacles, the awe instilled by the power of Mother Ocean, and the gift of being fully present in the moment (which is rare in the rest of my life ☺️).

What has been the greatest challenge in your surf journey?

Navigating my insecurity in the lineup

Describe your most memorable wave.

This past spring in West Marin, I had just paddled out to the lineup was pretty far out because of the lower tide. And while I usually check out the whole scene for a while, for some reason I saw a good-looking wave coming in and without hesitation (miracle# 1) laid down on my board, paddled for the wave, and made the way (miracle#2) and rode for a long time what turned out to be the fastest wave I had ever surfed(miracle #3). And I felt that stoke for the next week.

What is one piece of advice you'd like to share with women in the lineup?

Encouragement is the gift that keeps on giving. Spread the word.


What's in your quiver?

  • 9’3” nose rider

  • 9’0” longboard

  • 8’6” modern egg

  • 8’0” funboard

How would you describe your surf style?

“Style” would be an overstatement.

What's your favorite post-surf meal?

An overpriced oat milk latte, and something healthy with eggs and veggies.

Dream surf destination?

To the nose of my board.

What's the best thing about being a member of The Surf Société?

Being part of an encouraging community of awesome friendly women surfers and 24/7 access to really great workshop content.


Become a part of our community of 'awesome friendly women surfers'!

The Surf Société is our online women's surf community dedicated to empowering women in the lineup through progressing our surf skills, building confidence, and pushing ourselves in challenging surf conditions.

We do this through virtual workshops and Q+As with experts in our community.

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