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Podcast Guest

Brianna Ortega

Founder at Sea Together Magazine

Brianna (Bri) Ortega is a surfer, artist, educator, and film creator exploring identity, power, and place through storytelling and creative workshops. She is the Founder and Director of the global women’s surf movement and brand: Sea Together, which increased the representation of women surfers globally and manifested as retreats, print publications, workshops, podcasts, events, and the development is ongoing.

In 2022, she began coaching women surfers around the world, helping them to overcome burnout in their personal lives and move towards their goals, and she also facilitates bunny mediations in her small beach town. In all areas of her work, she creates spaces for people’s stories and identities to be nurtured and celebrated while bridging people with shared or differing opinions together for dialogue.

Bri’s embodied experience being female, mixed race (White, Black, Native American), a female surfer, growing up between Hawai'i and California and residing in the Pacific Northwest US for 10 years, and overcoming an autoimmune disease has influenced her to initiate conversations about place, belonging, and the displacement of people. Lastly, she is the Founder of Folding Water Media, a media production and creative consulting organization.


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Brianna Ortega
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