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Podcast Guest

Flick Palmateer

Big Wave Surfer & Artist

Meet professional big wave surfer and artist Felicity (aka Flick) Palmateer.

Flick is known for having ridden the biggest wave ever surfed by an Australian female and is one of the first women to compete in the WSL's first ever big wave women's invitational at Jaws.

Obviously, Flick is one to push herself, not only into huge waves but also in her passion of art. She has just released her new film: Skin Deep.

"Skin Deep is an avant-garde audio-visual performance-art project that meshes Felicity Palmateer’s two life-long passions; art and surfing." In Skin Deep, Palmateer explores her own interpretation of what it means to be free. By stripping down and surfing nude in idyllic locations.

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Flick Palmateer
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