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Surf Guide: Fear and Mental Training

Kim Chareonbood

Founder at Fearless Surfer Mental training, Hypnosis & Retreats

Hi, I’m Kim from Fearless Surfer Mental training, Hypnosis & Retreats. Surfing is my passion, my medicine, my freedom. My favorite places to surf are in Indonesia: Bali, Lombok and Sumba. But Sri Lanka has also grown on me. In short: I like the tropics best. I can also often be found in Portugal and Spain. The cold, rough Atlantic has an entirely different dynamic. It fascinates me with its power in a way that I can't really describe. No matter where I am, the most important thing is getting waves and having fun 🙂 .

Already in my first years of surfing, it has become

clear to me how much our surf progression and the fun we have are influenced by our mental strength. How important it is that mind and body are in harmony. And that the mind is the driving force behind everything. My vision is to teach as many surfers as possible about the power of their mind, so that they too can boost their surf progression and enjoy surfing not only 100% but 150%.

Not only do I teach you my experience, but I am a certified sports mental trainer and hypnosis coach. Using scientifically proven techniques from professional sports and psychology, I'll help you overcome your fears and mental blocks while surfing and boost your confidence and courage.

I offer online 1:1 coaching sessions, online group training as well as hands on training in my surf training retreats in Portugal and Indonesia.

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Kim Chareonbood
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