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Your Host at The Surf Société

Laura Day

Community Creator, Host of Confessions of a Surf Lady Podcast, Jill of all trades (master of some), Serial Entrepreneur & Lover of dogs

I honestly can't figure out what I love more...Surfing or Dogs. The warm and fuzzies run strong with both. I'm a Southern California local, entrepreneur, & community instigator. I'm here to support the women's surf community by providing a space to have meaningful conversations and create lifelong connections.

My philosophy is that there are 3 components needed to empower women in the lineup: Culture, Knowledge, & Sisterhood. I believe that you can't challenge a white male-dominated surf culture without acquiring knowledge to become an educated surfer. I believe you can't gain the knowledge to become a better surfer without respecting the history, tradition, and sacredness of the sport. Last, I believe you can't create the greatest possible positive impact without the camaraderie, support, and collaboration of a sisterhood.

The Surf Société is where these components come together. By acquiring knowledge to become better surfers and supporting each other along the way, we can empower ourselves and each other, and cultivate a more equitable landscape for everyone who loves the ocean.

When I'm not clicking away on my computer (like entrepreneurs do), recording a podcast episode, or on zoom connecting with our amazing members in The Surf Société, you can find me riding a 9-0 squaretail nose rider, surfing it in anything and everything, and pushing myself to have the most fun in even the crappiest conditions.

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Laura Day
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