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Surf Guide: Nutrition

Leah Donatiello

Holistic Nutritionist & Founder at The Her Surf Nutrition Method™

Leah is a holistic nutritionist for women who surf. She used nutrition as a tool to help her get stronger and surf better and figured that other women could use that same approach. She takes a plant-centric approach to nutrition i.e. always reaching for the plant-based option first. She does not endorse restrictive diets, or calorie counting but rather takes an 80/20 approach to creating food freedom.

She developed the Her Surf Nutrition Method™ to cover the most common issues women face when it comes to fueling their bodies and surfing. She’s here to help you out along the way – there’s no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition. She works with her clients to personalize a strategy to suit them (but let’s just say you won’t need that 3rd cup of coffee or a nap after surfing)

Let’s feel good from the Inside Out

We’ve all heard it, strong is the new skinny, fit is the new sexy… we’re just replacing one label with another.

Here’s what I think, feeling good in your body and mind is what matters. Waking up feeling refreshed, rested and happy is healthy. We should stop counting calories, pounds, and inches, and instead focus on what makes our lives better. What makes you feel like you.

Let’s make sure the actions we take every day are working in our favor, giving us energy and vitality.

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Leah Donatiello
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