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Manny Vargas

Founder & Surf Tour Guide at Epic Surf Tours, Pro Bodyboarder, World Traveler, and explorer of epic waves & epic food

I'm just like you... I love to travel and see the beauty of the world's amazing surf destinations. Over 30 years of traveling have given me the knowledge and street smarts to be able to do what I do. My ultimate goal with Epic Surf Tours is to ensure my guests are safe and have an amazing surf travel experience. Plain and simple. Safety and attention to detail are at the top of the list when organizing your next surf adventure.

I am a professional bodyboarder by trade. Through the 1990's, being a professional bodyboarder gave me the ticket to ride the best waves in the world. From Pipeline to Chopes to Cave Rock (South Africa) to even more exotic locations, I was pretty damn blessed. I still love to get pitted on the bodyboard, but I also have a quiver of all types of wave riding vehicles for all types of waves.

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San Diego, CA, USA

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Manny Vargas
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